The Coastal Travel lifetime memberships are dynamic, changing packages that
teach people how to travel for wholesale, and gives them all the options and resources they will need for the rest of their lives.

There are 3 package levels currently offered by Coastal Vacations:

  1. The Life Time Membership – Basic 
  2. The International Upgrade – Premier 
  3. and the All Inclusive Upgrade – Platinum 

We have contracts with each of the 60+ vendors we work with to ensure that NONE of our members EVER have to attend a timeshare presentation. Each bonus vacation is serviced by multiple vendors ensuring that our members have access to quality vacations.


Level 1:  Basic Membership

Basic MembershipIncludes 25 discount membership cards and over 30 bonus vacations. Focuses mainly on domestic travel (United States) with a few international destinations, such as Caribbean and Mexico. Also offers some bonus vacations that can be ordered in unlimited quantities to use as giveaways.


Level 2: Premier Membership

Everything in the Basic Membership, PLUS… hundreds of resort stays at international destinations from all over the world. Also includes ability to order any of the bonus vacations from either package in unlimited quantities to use as giveaways.


Level 3: Platinum Membership

Everything in the Basic and Level 2 package PLUS… all-inclusive resorts, longer cruises, and resort stays, and more exotic locations. You also have the ability to re-order any bonus vacation from any of the three memberships in unlimited quantities.


If you purchase one of the smaller packages, you can upgrade later simply by
purchasing the additional supplements to upgrade your membership

All but two of your Bonus Vacations are good for a lifetime. They are “dormant”. They are asleep until you wake them up by activating them. Whenever you are ready to activate one, just fill out that individual certificate with your Member ID#, your name and shipping address

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